Eduroam Wi-Fi Setup - Windows Laptop

What is eduroam?

‌‌‌Eduroam is a collaborative network that provides current students, faculty, and staff with fast, secure, and reliable access to wireless services (Wi-Fi) on UFV campuses, as well as at participating institutions in 70 territories worldwide.

Use the same login credentials on every eduroam network, regardless of where you are.

INITIAL SETUP ON AN UFV CAMPUS REQUIRED:  you must configure your device (e.g. laptop, tablet, smartphone) on an UFV campus before you can connect at other institutions.

Eduroam Wi-fi Setup - Windows Laptop

These instructions are intended for students, faculty, and staff that have current, valid UFV credentials.

If UFV is not your home university, please seek instruction from IT help services at your own institution.

No data plan? Connect to eduroam-help to get started

1. Download the installer

Download the eduroam installer on your laptop  from the eduroam site.

Click the banner to start the download.

2. Select University of the Fraser Valley from the list

In the pop-up window that appears, select the University of the Fraser Valley.

Eduroam UFVList

3. Select your operating system

In the window that opens, University of the Fraser Valley should now appear as your Selected Institution. Choose your operating system from the list to download the corresponding installer.

Eduroam Select

4. Run the eduroam installer

Run the eduroam installer you downloaded. Click Next.

And then click OK.

5. Enter your username and password

eduroam requires a different username format than your other UFV credentials, but it does use the same password.

Your eduroam username combines two elements:


Use your student number + (e.g. and the same password as you use with myUFV, myFiles, Blackboard, etc.


Use your network username + (e.g. and the same password you use to log in to the UFV network

6. Accept the UFV SelfSigned Certificate

Accept the UFV SelfSigned Certificate to complete your installation.

Eduroam Cert

7. Check your wireless connection

Click finish and make sure your wireless connection is set to eduroam.


Need help with Wi-Fi by eduroam?

View troubleshooting tips

  • If UFV is not your home university, please seek instruction from IT help services at your own institution.

  • UFV IT Services provides support for the wireless service and the eduroam authentication process offered across all UFV campuses.

  • IT Services does not support the operation or configuration of personal mobile devices: questions and concerns should be directed to the hardware manufacturer

Eduroam assistance for UFV students and employees is also available at


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