Recover Deleted Emails in Outlook


This article provides information on deleted emails retention policy in exchange online, and how can one recover emails which fall under the recoverable timeframe as mentioned in the following sections:


Permanently Deleted Email Retention Policy

With the migration to Exchange Online, the retention policy for recovering the permanently deleted emails from a UFV employee email account is 30 days in total. After 30 days of the deleting the email permanently from the account, the email will be unrecoverable.

Permanently Deleted Email:
These are emails which have been either: 1.) purged using a mail flow rules on inbox or 2.) deleted by a user from a Deleted Items folder by using "Empty Folder" option or deleting individual email permanently (as shown in screenshot).


How to recover deleted emails?

1. Log into your UFV employee email account on Outlook.

2. Go to Deleted Items folder.

3. Search the folder and If your deleted email shows up in the list of items in this folder, to recover the email:

  • Right click the email, click "Move". Select the folder name you want to move the email to.

4. If the email you are looking for don't show up in deleted emails folder, it is likely the email has been permanently deleted:

    If the email has been permanently deleted, you can recover it only within 30 days after the deletion. After the 30 days, the email will  be unrecoverable.

  • To recover permanently deleted item before 30 days, follow the steps listed below:
  1. In the Deleted Items folder, under Home menu, Click on "Recover Deleted Items from Server".

  2. Recover Deleted Items window will appear with the list of items which have been permanently deleted in last 30 days.
  3. Select the emails you want to recover and select "Restore Selected Items" if not selected already.
  4. Click "OK".

  5. Close and re-open Outlook. The email will be now be restored to location it was permanently deleted from.


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