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Use this form to request a service from IT Services that currently does not exist in our Service Catalogue.  If something is broken, use the Report an Incident form.

Information Required

Employees can complete the Generic Service Request form for a service that currently does not exist in our Service Catalogue.

  • First and last name
  • Department
  • Subject (brief description of the service needed)
  • Detailed description of what you are asking for
  • Attachment of any screen shots that help explain the need


Click on the "Submit Generic Service Request" button and fill out the form with the required information.  Once the ticket is submitted you will be able to view your ticket for status updates in the IT Services Online Portal.


Before submitting your generic service request, be sure to search the portal for the request and ensure that it is not under another category. Do not use this form to Report an Incident.

Submit Generic Service Request


Service ID: 581
Wed 8/5/20 12:07 PM
Fri 3/3/23 4:10 PM