Name Change (UFV employee)


Employees who require a legal name change on their accounts must first initiate the request with Human Resources. Once the name has been officially changed in Banner by HR, the IT Service Desk will fulfill the name change request.

Information Required

Please copy and fill in the following information when you submit your request:

  • New first and last name
  • Is name change on email required
  • Is name change on login username required
  • Date and time to complete name change (this needs to be scheduled during IT Service Desk working hours at a time you will not need to access your accounts)
  • Is an alias redirect required from previous email address to new address (allows emails addressed to previous address to be automatically delivered to new address)

Once the name change is complete, the IT Service Desk will advise the requester of completion.


  • Your name needs to be changed by HR in Banner prior to IT Services fulfilling the request
  • You will need to be logged out of accounts while the name change takes place
  • You will need to update systems (eduroam, Outlook, etc.) with new email address and username after completion. See related KB articles for specific device set-up instructions.
  • Your network login password will not change
  • Your mailbox will only be renamed so you will continue to have your full history of emails

Service Catalogue Entry

Service Name Employee Name Change
Service Users Staff, Faculty
Description Update your name and email on accounts after legal name change.
Category Accounts and Access
Sub Category Employee Accounts
Supporting Services Active Directory,
Email Gateway,
Telecom System,
Employee Directory,
Papercut (Computers, Software, and Printinging Management System),
Net Logon Script,
BlueJeans (if applicable)
Service Owner CIO
Business Owner Director, HR and Staff Relations
Authorized Requesters All employees
Request Process Employee initiates the request with Human Resources.
HR performs the change in Banner.
Employee can then submit a ticket to the Service Desk.
Service Desk completes changes, and assigns tickets to other responsible groups.

Approval Requirement/Process Employee must present documentation to HR.
Before the request is made to the Service Desk, the name change must be made in Banner.
Requirements and Pre-requisites

For name changes, the name must be legally changed before the request is handled and updated in Banner.

Turnaround Time for New Requests

2 business days once HR has made the change in Banner.


Requester Responsibility Follow the process to change your name legally.
Support Hours IT Service Desk business hours
Hours of Availability/Planned Downtime 24/7
Support Process Contact the IT Service Desk, Check the Online Portal
Support Owner Service Delivery Manager
Support Documentation Network File Share, TDX Knowledge Base
Customer Costs N/A


Submit Name Change (UFV employee) Request


Service ID: 376
Fri 2/7/20 12:45 PM
Thu 8/11/22 9:31 AM