Course Merge


Faculty that teach multiple sections of the same course may prefer to manage those sections through a single parent course with associated child courses.  Faculty will only need to work in the parent course which will reduce the need to copy content across multiple sections.

Use this service to request a merge of multiple sections into a parent course. 

After combining sections, faculty will have access to the new, “parent” course, as well as the “child” courses which can be hidden from view by going to Settings gear icon in the My Courses module. Students will only see the parent / merged course, which should now be used as the main space for all course activity, communications, and content.

CONSIDERATIONS:  Before requesting a merge, consider the pros and cons of merging courses.  Some considerations include managing gradebooks, assignment due dates, and group activities.  You may find you have more work with merged sections if assignments have different due dates for each section.  If you are unsure if a course merge is right for your courses, contact TLC for advice.

TIP:  A cross-listed course is different from a merged course.  Cross-listed courses are courses that have the same content, are taught by the same instructor, but have different course names and give credits to different programs (e.g., Bus 160 & CIS 110).  Cross-listed courses are handled by Scheduling.

Information Required

UFV faculty can complete the Course Merge request form to request merging course sections into a parent course.  Please provide the following information when filling out the form: 

  • Course ID / course name for courses to be merged
  • Additional notes


Click on the "Submit Course Merge Request" and complete all required fields on the form.

Consider the pros and cons of merging courses.


Contact the IT Service Desk, or check the ticket status of your tickets in the Online Portal for updates.

Service Catalogue Entry

Service Name Course Merge
Service Users UFV Faculty
Description Request a course merge.
Features N/A
Category Learning Management System / myClass (Blackboard)
Sub Category myclass (Blackboard) Service Requests
Supporting Services N/A
Service Owner Manager, Application Services
Business Owner Manager, Application Services
Authorized Requestors All UFV faculty can request this service
Request Process Submit the Course Merge request form with all required fields.
Approval Requirement/Process N/A
Requirements and Pre-requisites The requestor must know all sections to merge and the pros and cons of merging courses in Blackboard.
Turnaround Time for New Requests 2 business days.
Requester Responsibility Enter all required fields on the form.  Provide all necessary details.  
Support Hours IT Service Desk business hours
Hours of Availability/Planned Downtime 24/7
Support Process Contact the IT Service Desk.  Check the status of the ticket in the IT Services Portal.
Support Owner Manager, Application Services
Support Documentation IT Services Portal Knowledge Base
Customer Costs N/A


Submit Course Merge Request


Service ID: 2245
Wed 3/30/22 11:40 AM
Thu 4/14/22 1:39 PM