How To Reset Mitel IP Phones 5312 / 5212 / 5224 to Factory Defaults

To restore phone settings to the factory default values in the boot program:

  1. Unplug the phone until it turns off completely.
  2. While holding down both the volume UP and the volume DOWN arrow keys, plug the phone back in.
  3. Keep holding the UP and DOWN arrow keys until you see "NETWORK SETTINGS?" on the screen.
  4. Press NO until "TOOLS AND FEATURES?" appears, then press YES.
  5. Press NO until "RESTORE DEFAULTS?" shows up, then press YES.
  6. You'll see "STORE CHANGES?" on the screen. Press YES.
  7. Your phone will reset to its factory defaults and restart. Once you see the date and time on the display, your phone is ready to use again.


This procedure is effective in resolving most common issues. If it proves unsuccessful, please submit a ticket containing your office location, wall data port label, and extension.

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