Minitab for Students and Employees


This article describes how to access Minitab 21 Statistical Software from the UFV lab and personal computers. Minitab can be accessed from UFV lab computers or from the online Minitab web portal. Only authorized students and Instructors can access Minitab 21 software.

Minitab Access From The UFV Computers

If you are on campus, Minitab can be accessed from the UFV lab computers. See the Instructions below:

  1. Search Minitab in the Start Menu and click to open. Sign in with your student/employee email address when prompted. All authorized instructors and students will be able to use it. 

Minitab Online Access

Follow the step listed below to access Minitab 21 online.

  1.  Authorized instructors and students can access the cloud-based Minitab web app on their personal computers through the following link:
  2. Firefox is not recommended for the Minitab online version. Following is the link for the Minitab support policy:
  3. Open the online Minitab link, sign in with your UFV student/employee email address, and fill password when prompted.

Do not use Minitab Portal's "Forgot Password" to reset your employee or student email password.


      4. Minitab can either be downloaded as a desktop app or used as a web app.


      5. If you download the desktop app, it works the same way as from a UFV lab computer.

      6. Clicking on the “Open Web App” will open the online cloud-based Minitab web app.


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