Review Your Recent UFV Sign-in Activity

Reviewing your sign-in history helps you to check for unusual activity, such as:

  • If someone is trying to guess your password.
  • If an attacker successfully signed in to your account, and from what location.
    • What applications the attacker tried to access.

How to Review Your Recent Sign-in Activity

1. To go directly to your sign-in history, visit

    You can also go to your sign-in history from your account page by clicking 'My sign ins' or 'Review recent activity':

Your sign in history, and the locations of those sign ins, will appear for you to review:

I see a sign-in that I don't recognize. What do I do?

If you see an unrecognized sign-in, it could mean that an attacker was trying to guess your password. To respond to this risk we recommend that you change your password. With multi-factor authentication, even if the hacker guesses your password, it won't be enough to access the account.

How to reset your UFV password:

You can let us know of the activity, and ask any questions, by emailing



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