Network File Recovery From Backup


If files are saved to a network file share overnight they are backed up in our nightly backup process and can be recovered if lost or deleted. Files saved locally (C: drive or external drive) are not backed up and cannot be recovered using this method.

Information Required

Please fill in the following information when you submit your request:

  • A search has been done using File Explorer to ensure file has not been moved to another location (Y/N)
  • Did the file exist on the file share overnight? Y/N
  • Last known good date of file
  • Exact path and file name of file (i.e G:\Foldername\Foldername\Foldername\Filename.docx)

Once the file has been restored the IT Service Desk will send a completed notification.


Once completed, the file will be restored to the last location it was located.

Submit Network File Recovery From Backup Request


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Fri 2/7/20 2:50 PM
Fri 6/12/20 11:21 AM