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Employee guide on how to use employee myUFV account for several web-services, reset the password and unlock the account.
Student guide on how to use student myUFV account for several web-services such as accessing student information or registration details or online classes, etc. , reset the password, and unlock the account.
Instructions on how to add an employee email account in Outlook.
This document provides instructions on adding an additional email account in Outlook 2019.
Troubleshooting steps for difficulty viewing UFV Library Database Articles, Indexes, Journals
Security guide on protecting and maintaining the computing devices that we use to access important information.
Frequently asked questions about IT Security
Forwarding messages to another external email account, although the IT Services department doesn't recommend it.
Guide on the UFV Classifieds folder to post an Ad via Outlook public folder.
Guide on configuring home computer MS Outlook for employee email.
UFV online webmail session times out when it's idle.
This guide will show you how to disable suggested contacts in Outlook 2010.
Instructions to add Public Folders and the classified folder to your favorites in Outlook.
Create and add a signature to messages
Tips to stay safer online and protect your information when browsing.