IT Services Device Standards Support Policy

Standard Computer

Computer support services are provided for University purchased computers that conform to standardized models and run supported operating systems. The University’s Standard Computers
Listing was created to ensure standardization for both hardware and software platforms.


Non-Standard Computer

Non-standard computers are all computers acquired outside of UFV's Purchasing agreement and are not identified in the Standard Computer list above. Non-standard computers are not supported by IT Support Services. Other devices such as Netbooks, iPad's, Kindles, tablet PC's are also considered non- standard and are not supported.

Support limitations for non-standard computers are due to the vast amount of software

Incompatibilities and security concerns that are typically found on computer systems outside of our standard hardware and software platform. Furthermore, we cannot be held responsible for making changes to non-supported computers, which can alter operations for other software configurations on those systems.


Wireless Network Service for Non-Standard Computers

IT Services supports the university wireless network service that non-standard computers connect to. The support of the wireless network service is limited to:

  1. Analyzing and verifying wireless network connection availability.
  2. Testing and verifying authentication credentials.

IT Support Services will analyze and troubleshoot the service components listed above for all employees and students. Complications due to user configurations on non-standard computers may fail to be resolved. In the event that all services are working properly but the resolution of the problem has not been met, the user will be provided with service connectivity instructions and advice for common solutions to apply on their own.


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