Convert HEIF/HEIC Files to JPEG

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HEIC/HEIF (high efficiency image format) files from Apple/MAC devices are being sent to UFV employees via email. Windows 10 can no longer convert these to JPEG format automatically so staff cannot see the attachments being sent. Rather than purchasing the converter program from the Windows Store we can convert the HEIC/HEIF files to JPEG using Photoshop. 

How to Convert Files

1.  Create a folder on the desktop (or other location) that will hold the HEIC files. We recommend calling it HEIC FILES for easy reference. You will only need to create this once and then simply save/move your HEIC files there to be converted as needed.

2. Open Photoshop

3. Click on "Create New"

4. Select document type. You can choose any document size here but for reference we use PRINT - letter and then click on CREATE


5. Go to FILE - SCRIPTS - IMAGE PROCESSOR as shown in photo below

6. Under Image Processor Settings select the folder location you created in step 1 and click on "save in same location" and save file type as jpeg as shown

7. RUN the file conversion 


HEIC/HEIF files will be converted and automatically placed in the folder you created in step 1. They will appear in a sub-folder called JPEG.




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