myUFV Logging into the Portal

How do I access myUFV portal to see student or employee information?

Browse to using your internet to go to myUFV portal.

What is my password?

Your password is a minimum of 10 characters and contains a combination of lower and upper case letters, numbers, and special characters.

How do I log into myUFV for the first time?

To log into myUFV for the first time,  you must create your password. Go to and follow the on-screen instruction to finalize your password creation.

How do I change my password?

  • Log in myUFV with your current password.
  • Locate and click on the Help Center Tab to change the password.

What if I can’t remember my password?

If you have web access at a computer, you can reset your password using the self-serve password reset site at

  • Go to the UFV password reset site (
  • Enter your student number into the site and click next. This will take you to a new webpage; do not close your browser at this step. An email containing a security code will be sent to the personal email address you have registered with the University of the Fraser Valley.
  • Use this security code to reset your password on the open browser page and click next.
  • You should now see a message stating that your password was reset.

I have received “Authentication failed, try again! “ error message when I try to login myUFV

There could be several reasons for this message:

  • Wrong student or employee number
  • Incorrect password
  • Your account has been disabled account due to security issue
  • Your account has been locked for 5 minutes after you have made 5 attempts to log in with the wrong password

Please wait for 5 minutes and try the login again. If it still does not work, please visit to reset your password.


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