Installing SPSS 29 on Windows

This article shows the process of installing SPSS 29 campus software on a personal Windows computer for employees and students. Software install files can be obtained from by following the steps below:

1. Go to

2. Login using the credentials as listed below:



Username: Student ID (e.g. 300123456)

Password: myUFV password

Username: AD username i.e. lastnameFirstInitial/s (e.g. doej)

Password: UFV email password

 3.  For Employees navigate to Employee\Public\Campus Software\_licensed\CAMPUS\23.009 SPSS 29\Windows
 For Students navigate to Student\Instructor_files\SPSS\WINDOWS\29

4. Right click IBM SPSS Statistics to download 

5. Locate and double click on IBM SPSS Statistics to begin the installation

6.  Click on Next


7.  Select I accept the terms in the license agreement and click on Next

8.  Click Next to install in the default location

9. Click on Install to begin the installation

10. Keep Start IBM SPSS Statistics now checked and click on Finish

11.  Click on Launch License Wizard

12. Select the Second option: Concurrent user License as selected in the image 

13. Enter the following address and click on Next when asked for license file.

14. This window ensures licensing is complete. Click Finish


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