Event Application - Students & Employees


Event Applications must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the event.

If you are planning an in-person event, an Event Application must be submitted if your event involves any of the following:

  • 20+ attendees 
  • Open to the public
  • Not regular UFV activities
  • After regular UFV hours
  • On Friday, Saturday, or Sunday
  • Includes alcohol

You may submit your Event Application by clicking the "Submit Event Application" button. Prior to submitting your Event Application, consultations with the following departments are required for certain services and / or approvals:

Departmental Consultations:

  • Student Affairs: Student Affairs authorization required for all student driven / organized events.
  • Office of the Registrar / Room Bookings:  All requests for use of any room or space must be booked in advance through Room Bookings.
  • Facilities:  All requests for janitorial, mechanical, electrical, water and grounds related needs go through Facilities.
  • Parking Services: Requests for traffic control, reserved parking, pay parking inquiries are sent to Parking Services.
  • Conference Services:  All external requests for any function must go through Conference Services.
  • IT Services: ITS oversees all internet connectivity, computer hardware, software, and AV needs. If you need AV equipment or support for this event, please contact AV Services

You must review UFV's Communicable Disease Prevention Plan prior to the event.

If your event occurs outside of building hours, or you do not have key card access to the event location, then you must complete a Room / Building Access request.

Events Serving Alcohol:

1. Review the Selling, Serving and Advertising Liquor Policy (15).
2. Review the UFV Serving of Liquor Regulation.
3. Obtain a Special Event Permit through the BC Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch.
4. Obtain a Special Event Server (SES) or Serving it Right Certificate from Responsible Service BC.
5. Employees using their UFV Purchasing Card must receive pre-approval from their UFV VP (or higher) for liquor store purchases.

All permits and certificates must be prominently displayed throughout the event.

Information Required

The following information must be attached to your submission:

  • Special Event Permit (if serving alcohol)
  • Special Event Server or Serving it Right certificate for ALL people serving alcohol (if serving alcohol)
  • Site / room layout (required)
  • All advertising materials, including flyers, emails, posters, websites (required)


Complete all required fields on the Event Application form. If approval from your VP is required, the system will send an approval email to the VP. The VP will need to click on the link in the email to approve the request. Once approved, the Safety & Security team can then process your request.


For questions about the Event Application, contact ehs@ufv.ca.

NOTE: This service is only monitored during UFV's regular business hours.

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