Web Editor Training


This service is used to request web editor training which is available to UFV staff and faculty.

The training options are Writing for the web training or the T4 training for UFV web editors.

When you register for training, you can choose from the two options; however, to become a web editor at UFV, you will need to complete both courses and pass the assessments. Depending on your job responsibilities and requirements, you may take one of the training modules only.

NOTEAt this time, auxiliary staff and student employees are only eligible for the "Writing for the Web" portion of the training and may not request editing rights to a blog or website.

Information Required

UFV employees can complete the Register for Web Editor Training form to request registration in a web editor training course. Please provide the following information when filling out the form: 

  • Employee name
  • Department
  • Employee type
  • Training type 
  • Website to edit
  • Type of updates to website


Click on the "Register for Training" button and complete all required fields on the form.


Contact the Marketing web team or check the ticket status in the Marketing Portal for updates.

Register for Training


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