How to Submit a Marketing Web Team Ticket


Employees and students can request web services (e.g., update a webpage, publish a website change, etc.) and report webpage issues through the Marketing Portal.  Using the services in our Marketing Portal will make sure your request is routed to the first available web team member and will help us capture all the information we need to complete your request quickly.  Here are some tips to help us fulfil your request or resolve webpage issues efficiently: 

Tips for Submitting a Ticket

Tip 1: Add details in the description

  • In the description field of the form, put all the relevant details of the request. 
  • Enter the full details, including any circumstances or supplementary information that may aid our team in fulfilling the request or resolving the issue faster.

Tip 2: Provide the URL

  • Providing the URL to the webpage you are needing support with is important so that we know exactly where to look when reviewing your request or the webpage issue.
  • Make sure the URL or link is to the live website and not a preview link from within T4.
  • Alternatively, providing a screenshot can also help us identify the webpage location.

Tip 3: Include screenshots or supporting documentation

Provide screenshots or supporting documents in the "Attachment(s)" field of the form.  This will help add context and more detail to your request or webpage issue.

Tip 4: Keep up with Notifications

Be sure to keep up with notification emails sent about progress with your ticket. We may reach out to you for more information about your request or to check if an issue has been resolved.

Tip 5: How to update or follow up on a ticket

The best way to follow up on your ticket is to:

Option 1: Reply to the ticket emails sent to you.

Option 2: Log in to the Marketing Portal and update your ticket following the simple steps as shown below:

  1. Log in to the Marketing Portal.
  2. From the "Home" page of the Marketing Portal, click on "My Tickets" on the left section of the page.
  3. By default, your "New", "In Progress" and "On Hold" tickets will display.
  4. If you also need to update your completed tickets, you can use the filters available (e.g., in the "Status Class" dropdown check [Select All]) to display the additional statuses.

  5. From the results, select the ticket you wish to update or follow up on.
  6. In the ticket, click on the "Comment" or "Update" button to add the information.


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