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FILE ACCESS: Connecting to WebDav

WebDav is an alternative method of connecting to the UFV file shares remotely. By using WebDav a direct connection can be made to the UFV file shares for access through familiar tools like Windows Explorer. Please note the 50 MB default limit in Windows 7 as outlined in this document.

Please see attachlment for screen shots or use instructions below:

Available Location URLs

  • Employee Files:
  • Student Files (including instructor drive):

Windows 7 Instructions

1. Open Windows Explorer.
2. Click to open Computer.
3. Click on Map network drive or Add a network location.
4. You will then be presented with the Map Network Drive box.
5. Choose a Drive (letter) for the mapping.
6. For Folder, fill in the desired Location URL (either Employee or Student listed above).
7. Ensure the box is checked for Connect using different credentials and click Finish.
8. Enter your username and password in the authentication window that pops up and click OK.
9. You now have access to your UFV files through Windows Explorer.

Windows 7 Known Issue

Windows 7 has a built-in limit of 50 MB for its web client service. This means you will be unable to transfer files larger than 50 MB without modifying this built-in setting. Modifying this setting does involve modifying the Windows registry so do so with caution. Instructions can be found here:

Windows XP Instructions

1. Click Start > My Network Places > Add a network place.
2. Click on Next to continue on the Add Network Place Wizard.
3. Select Choose another network location and click Next.
4. In the Internet or network address field, enter a Location URLs (listed above) and click Next.
5. Enter your username and password in the authentication window that pops up and click OK.
6. Give your network place a name that is meaningful to you and click Finish.
7. You now access to your UFV files through Start > My Network Places.



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