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BROWSERS: Modifying pop-up blockers

Software originally designed to block annoying advertisements that "pop-up" when you visit certain websites. Many legitimate sites use pop-ups and require you to modify your pop-up blocker settings in order to use them. myUFV is one of these sites.

Chances are you have at least one pop-up blocker installed on your computer. This software is included in almost every web browser and installed with many toolbars and security programs. You will need to modify the settings to allow pop-ups from in order for you to see all functions properly.

We suggest that you add an exception (allow) pop-ups for all UFV websites in one of your blockers and disable all the others. You need to add the exception *

Instructions for Internet Explorer 8

Click on Tools -> Pop-up Blocker -> Pop-up Blocker Settings

Type * in the Address of website to allow: field

Click the Add button

You can now see * in the Allowed Sites list so that all UFV websites that use pop-ups will be allowed while other sites that use pop-ups will be blocked. If you would like to allow other sites to display their pop-ups, repeat instructions above inputting their website or domain address instead of

Click Close button

Close ALL windows to activate changes upon next opening.

Click on the attachment above this article to see where common popup blockers can be found so that you can disable them or add exceptions to them.

Remember that if you have followed the instructions and still are getting blocked then there is still at least one more blocker to disable or remove on your computer! Keep looking.



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