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EMAIL: Setting a 3rd party email client or mobile device to get UFV EMPLOYEE or STUDENT email

Can I use a 3rd party mail client or mobile device to get UFV email? POP/IMAP Settings 

Follow the instructions of your specific program or device to set this up. Contact vendor support or search the Help menu within your email client program or device.

You will need to know your username, password, e-mail address, and the server information below:


Due to SMTP configuration on the server, POP and IMAP configuration for set-up in 3rd party clients, or on mobile devices, are not configurable for STUDENT Zimbra email.

Students are suggested to use the Zimbra web interface at:


Please note you cannot use Office 365 or Outlook 2016 client (currently available through the UFV Microsoft Home User Program) for use with UFV employee email. UFV employee email is not configurable in these versions of MS Outlook.


Username:  Network username
Password:    Network password

Server Info when at UFV:          


    *      Inbound Server =
    *      Outbound Server =

Server Info when away from UFV:


    *      Inbound Server =
    *      Outbound Server = your own ISP setting 



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