Blackboard Email Appears to Come From a Different Sender

Problem Description

A student reports that they are getting multiple emails from an incorrect instructor that they are not taking classes with but the email belongs to their current classes. The emails are legitimate but the “from” in the email is incorrect. All these emails come from the Blackboard system which can be confirmed from the mail headers. This happens when Zimbra (Student Email) saves incorrect contact for an email originating from within Blackboard. The generic email address is saved as a contact under one of their previous instructor's name. Consequently, when an email is received from this generic blackboard email address, a contact in the student’s Zimbra account acts like a “frequent contact” and changes the “from” display name to match what was saved in the contact.



Assist the student to delete the saved contact referencing to blackboard email and check that other contacts do not reference (See screenshot below)

Steps to delete the saved contact:

  1. Login to student email using student ID and password here.
  2. Click on the Contacts tab.
  3. Under Contact Lists, select 'Emailed Contacts'.
  4. Scroll through the list to find any contacts referencing to (See screenshot below)

  5. Select the contact and delete using 'Delete' button on the top menu.
  6. Check that other contacts do not reference


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Fri 5/1/20 3:38 PM
Thu 9/3/20 2:00 PM