Student Emails Not Delivered to Instructor Email Address



Instructor reports that emails from addresses are not being delivered to the instructor email address. This may be occurring from one or more student email addresses.

Known issue:

When BlackBoard sends emails on behalf of instructors to students, the receiving student Zimbra email client will create a contact for the instructor in the students Zimbra account using the instructor display name, however the email address may be listed as: (or another incorrect email address)

When the student tries to send an email to the instructor in the future,  Zimbra auto-fills the instructor contact using the display name in the To: field , it then appears to the student that the email has been successfully sent to their instructor, however it has been sent to The student does not receive a bounce-back email, so they assume it has been successfully delivered.

In this case the student has an email contact for their instructor that has the incorrect email address associated with it.


The student needs to check their Zimbra contacts to ensure the instructor contact has the correct email address.

Step 1: Open Zimbra email.
Step 2: Click the contact tab (beside the mail tab)
Step 3: Click on mail contact
Step 4: Find the instructor contact
Step 5: Check whether it matches with their email id: (and is not listed as or a different instructor email address)
Step 6: If it doesn't match, click edit to change

The student will then need to resend any email sent previously to the incorrect address.



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