Barracuda Spam Quarantine Quick Start Guide

Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall
The Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall works to monitor both incoming and outgoing mail, filtering out messages determined to be spam and/or infected with viruses.

In this guide:

Quarantined Messages
Messages that are considered suspicious are quarantined. Users have two options for checking their quarantined messages:

  1. Logging into their Quarantine Inbox
  2. Spam Quarantine Summary Report email (you will need to log in)

It is recommended that users check their quarantine inbox regularly as the automatic Spam Quarantine Summary Report email may be delayed.

Option 1: Log In to Your Quarantine Inbox

1. How to log in
Log into your Quarantine Inbox directly: click here.

Username: Your full email address (
Password: Your UFV network/email password.

You can bookmark this login page for easy access by pressing CTRL+D.


  • You will not have a Quarantine Inbox until the first time a message sent to you is quarantined.
  • The Create New Password feature is not applicable. Your password will always be your UFV email password.

2. Use the Quarantine Interface

Manage Quarantined Emails

When you log in, your quarantined emails will be displayed. You can view the time received, who the email is from, the Subject, and your action options.

To safely view an email if you are unsure, double click on the email's Subject to open it.

To take an action on the email, choose one of the links:

Whitelist or Blocklist Senders:

Go to the PREFERENCES tab > Whitelist/Blocklist page.

A list of your existing whitelisted and blocklisted addresses appears on this page.

A blocklisted address or domain will stop emails from the address/domain. A whitelisted address or domain will always allow emails from the address/domain.

To delete a whitelist or a blocklist entry, click the trash can icon next to the address.
To add an entry, type an email address into the desired field and click the Add button.

When adding addresses to your whitelist and blacklist, note the following tips:

  • Entering a full email address, such as specifies only that user.
  • Entering a domain such as, all users and subdomains are also included
    (i.e. and
  • Examine the From: address of an email to determine what to enter for an address.

Option 2: Spam Quarantine Summary
Each day the quarantine notification service runs for all users.

  • If there is no new quarantined mail for your account since the last notification cycle, or if you have logged into your account since then, no quarantine summary report will be generated and sent to you for that same 24 hour period.
  • Links in emails expire in 30 days. You will get an error if you click on links from an email older than 30 days.

If you encounter the login page when you click on a link in the Summary email, use the following credentials:

Username: Your full email address (
Password: Your UFV network/email password.

The following figure shows an example of a quarantine summary report and your details your options. If no emails are present, you do not have any quarantined messages.


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