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A Picture or an Object May Not Appear or Print in a Word 2010 Document

A picture or an object may not appear or print in a Word 2010 document

Banner Toolbar is Missing

Issues on Banner’s own main toolbar under the menu bar is missing (or you only see a bit of it).

BROWSERS: Clearing Your Browser's Cache

How to clear your browser cache.

Can't Open Financial Aid Banner Reports with Excel

How to open financial aid banner reports with excel.

How to Export and Import Bookmarks - Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

How to Easily Back Up and Migrate Your Browser Bookmarks.

Installing SPSS 25 for Mac Users

Instruction on access software, Installing SPSS 25 for Mac Users.

Office 365: Installation Guide for Students

Office 365 Installation Guide for Windows/Mac - Student

OFFICE 365: Free For Students and Employees

UFV students and employees can receive MS Office 365 for free.

Printing ScienceDirect PDFs in Labs

Instruction on access software, Printing ScienceDirect PDFs in Labs.