Troubleshoot Installing SPSS 25 on MAC OS Big Sur and Catalina


MAC OS Big SUR and Catalina may receive an error similar to "developer not verified..." when installing SPSS 25. Some users may not see an error message but the installer closes/ disappears when you try to run the installer. If you are unable to install SPSS 25 on Mac OS Big Sur or Catalina, follow the troubleshooting steps below to resolve the issue.


  • Make sure you have live Internet Access first before proceeding 


Troubleshooting Steps

1. Download SPSS - Zip, and Download installer from

2. Open Finder and go to the file location on your computer where it was downloaded.

3. To copy the path to the installer (.dmg file) follow the steps below:

  1. Select the file or folder in the Finder
  2. Then, hit Command+i on the keyboard to open the Get Info window.

4. Click and drag alongside “Where” to select the path, then hit Command+C on the keyboard to copy the full path to the clipboard.

5. Under Locations in Finder, confirm the installer is not mounted. The installer must be unmounted/ejected (see note in green in the screenshot below on how to eject the installer) before the next step.

6. Press Command + Spacebar to open Spotlight search, then type "terminal" to search and open "Terminal".

7. Copy and Paste the following command into the Terminal window: xattr -d /users/tech/downloads/25/SPSS_Statistics_25_mac.dmg Replace the following section of the command /users/tech/downloads/25/, with the path to the installer on your computer which you copied in step 3.

8. Press Enter to run the command. If the command is successful, no messages will be displayed.

Note: If the path to the installer is incorrect, then the following message will be displayed. Make sure you enter the correct path to the installer copied in Step 3.

9. Open Finder and execute "SPSS_Statistics_25_mac.dmg". This process can take up to 20 minutes.

10. Once the SPSS_Statistics_Installer window is open, double click SPSS_Statistics_Installer.

11. Follow the on-screen instructions to continue with the install. 

   For the complete instructions with the screenshots on this installation step visit article - Installing SPSS 25 for Mac Users.

12. Once the IBM SPSS Statistics 25 Licensing window is open, on the License Status window click Next.

13. Once the Product Authorization window is open, Select Concurrent User license.

14. Once the License Manager window is open, enter the following License Manager Name '​​​​​​​' Click Next to license the software.

15. Be sure to restart your computer before running "IBM SPSS Statistics 25."

      *** Please note ****: You must have live internet access in order for SPSS 25.0 to operation in full functionality.


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