Banner Toolbar is Missing


Issue - The Banner 8 Toolbar (not the browser toolbar, but Banner’s own main toolbar under the menu bar) is missing (or you only see a bit of it).

Cause - This is usually the result of clicking “Yes” when a java security message is displayed when logging into Banner asking the user if the browser should disable or block parts of the program that do not have a security signature. Clicking “No” indicates that the program is trusted and Java runs as-is. Answering “No” to this security warning should fix the issue. If the user does not want to see this message when logging into Banner the Java security options can be adjusted in the Java Control Panel.

Steps to remove the message:

1.      Open the Java Control Panel by going to the Start Menu > Control Panel > Java32   Control Panel.

2.      Click on the Advanced tab.

3.      Expand  "Security".

4.      Expand "Mixed Code(sandbox vs. trusted) security verification".

5.      Choose the following option: Enable-hide warning and run with protections.

This will hide the warning message and cause Java to act every time as though you had clicked "No".



Article ID: 473
Thu 5/7/20 5:40 PM
Wed 8/3/22 11:57 AM