Can't Access MyUFV, BitDefender Blocking Link to EIS Login Page

If BitDefender is blocking access to MyUFV login page, follow steps below to allow access.

- To allow access to MyUFV, simply add to the Exceptions list.

Instructions are also available well as through the link below.

Bitdefender is blocking a safe website or online application

Bitdefender offers users a secure browsing experience by filtering all web traffic and blocking any malicious content.
However, there is a small chance Bitdefender will mark a safe website or online application as unsafe. This will cause Bitdefender HTTP traffic
scanning to block them incorrectly.
If the same page or application are blocked repeatedly, you can add them to the Whitelist so that they will not be scanned by the Bitdefender

To add a website to the Whitelist:

1. Go to the Protection window.

2. Click the Exceptions link, in the ONLINE THREAT PREVENTION module.