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To assist students, staff, and faculty to more easily identify phishing emails, UFV Cybersecurity will be implementing an External Email Security Warning on all UFV email accounts.

The warning tag is not an indicator that the email is phishing or fraudulent. It is only a reminder to verify the authenticity of the email before clicking on links, opening any attachments, or responding to the message.

What is external email?

External email is any email that does not originate from a UFV email address (@ufv.ca or @student.ufv.ca).

How do I verify if an external email is legitamate?

Step 1:  Look at the sender’s full email address – In Outlook, you may hover your mouse cursor over the profile image to see the full address. Ask yourself:

  • Do I know this person or organization?
  • Does the email domain (@example.com) look right?
  • Does the address make sense compared to the name of who sent it?

Step 2:  Look at the content of the message.

  • Are there obvious grammar, spelling or punctuation issues?
  • Does the tone of the message sound right?
  • Is the message attempting to elicit certain emotions or sense of urgency?
    • Greed – offers money, gift card or reward for clicking a link or providing information
    • Curiosity – promises an exciting outcome or more information
    • Fear – threatens negative consequences, like shutting off an account or legal action
    • Urgency – requires quick action or gives a short deadline

Step 3:  Look at links in the content and attached files.  (Be careful not to accidentally click a link!)

  • Were you expecting an attachment?
  • Does the file name of the attachment look appropriate?

If you are ever unsure, forward the message to phishreport@ufv.ca and our Cybersecurity team will review the message.

Request Exemption for Internal Communications

If you are using a third party software to send emails, you may need to request exemption from the external email warning.

Note: To the best of our knowledge, existing UFV services have already been exempted. Request exemption if you are creating a new service, or you notice that your emails still have the warning.

To request exemption, submit an IT Service Desk ticket or contact itservicedesk@ufv.ca. Include the following information:

  1. The sender address of your emails. It is preferred you use a generic email address, not an individual employee's email.
  2. If this is a one-time or on-going communication.
  3. A contact in your department if we need to reach out for further info.




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