Data Backup

UFV Data

Your personal files and data are important, as well as the invaluable work you do at UFV. So long as you save your student/employee files to your home directory or department drive, UFV will ensure it is backed up regularly for recovery in case of unexpected data loss.

Do not save files to the C: drive, or other external storage. These will not be backed up in the nightly routine.

Lost something? Submit a request for UFV data recovery here: Network File Recovery


Personal Data

For your personal devices, make sure you are backing up all your data to an external hard drive or to the cloud for the same protection. 

Mac - How to backup your data using Time Machine on a Mac computer

Windows - Windows 10: Windows 10 Backup & Restore

Several cloud services exist to back up your data. See some of the popular selections below:

Free Options

Free Space Allotted

*further space must be paid for, see vendor site for rates

 Google Drive




 Microsoft OneDrive

 5GB / 1TB (with Office 365 subscription)






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