Computing, hardware, and remote desktop for employees and students.

Articles (12)

Computer Labs

Student guide on accessing UFV Computer Labs on campus or remotely.

Get a Job as a Computer Lab Monitor

Apply to become a computer lab monitor.

Hardware Inventory Price List

UFV standard or non-standard hardware inventory list for procurement and a form to fill out by employees if you are ready to purchase hardware.

Having Issues Remote Connect to Student Lab Computers using Mac

This article provide instructions on troubleshooting issues in remotely connecting to lab computers from Mac Computer.

IT Services Device Standards Support Policy

IT Services support policy for the support services provided for the UFV provided standard or non-standard hardware.

Keyboard or Language Issue

Troubleshooting guide for the issue when the keyboard language is set incorrectly causing errors or typing different characters than typed.

LabStat Remote Access (RDP) to UFV Student Computer Lab

Instructions for Students on how to remote access (RDP) into UFV Student Computer Labs on Windows and MAC personal computers.

Remote Desktop Connection (RDP Gateway) User Guide

A quick Remote Desktop Connection guide and FAQs to assist with the setup RDP gateway remote access to UFV work computers.

Remote Desktop Connection Setup Guide

Employee guide to setup RDP gateway on your computer or laptop to access UFV work computers remotely.

Ricoh Printer End User Instructions

Instructions for employees on using Ricoh printers.

Using Your Laptop Docking Station

Employee guide on using and setting up a docking station for a laptop for charging, connecting to the UFV LAN network, while also allowing access to peripheral devices such as the monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Window 10 Add a Language

Downloading and installing another language for Windows10 so you can view menus, dialog boxes, and supported apps and websites in that language.